April 29, 2011

I guess its time for this.

I have been debating with myself whether or not writing a blog is for me for some time. I have finally decided it is, for the purpose of growing, learning, reflecting and adjusting. I've set out on a jouney to become closer to the Lord, to discern His will for my life, and to help others to know and follow Him fully. This blog is my way of logging my progress, keeping accountable, and reflecting on my actions.
I am a wife, mom of 2, housekeeper, boogie battler, and a defender of unborn children. I believe that Jesus is my savior, and I secretly cry every time I take communion. I am on a mission to better myself through the help and guidance of the Lord, to raise my children in the ways of the Lord, and to serve my husband as unto the Lord. I have also accepted "a dare to an emptier, fuller life".
Thank you for your time, and welcome to my journey!