July 31, 2011

I had no idea how many things you can do with a mason jar!

So, while  I was looking on a few blogs today I found Harper's Happenings vlog by Mandy. She was illustrating her newfound obsession with mason jars.. It was hillarious, a must see!

So after hearing her obessing over the many many uses for mason jars I decided to pop onto pinterest to find out what all the hype was about.

Here is what I found, I might be getting sucked into this one.. It combines 2 things I love, vintage style and recycling! My top 5:

1. This is such a cute idea, and best of all you can undo the fabric and reuse the jar for something else. Definitely making me look forward to fall even more, its my favorite season and every year about this time I really start pining for pumpkins and falling leaves.
2. I love the clean and simple look of these!
3. Functional, cost effective, and very stylish!
4. Cupcakes in a jar!
5. And finally..
And I found this, words just do not describe.. Laughed so hard that now my tummy hurts!
(notice the feet as well..)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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